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Consolidated Treatment Systems provide top quality residential and small commercial wastewater treatment systems. From environmentally sensitive wastewater treatment to a convenient alternative to a central sewage system or septic tank to high degree of treatment with only minimal maintenance, Consolidated Treatment Systems has the choice you need.

How do I know which Wastewater Treatment System is right for my needs?

We offer a simple side-by-side comparison of our 3 wastewater treatment systems below. Then simply click into the details for more information.

EnviroGUARD Wastewater Treatment System
  • Zero Start-Up Time
  • Treats Up to 750 Gallons Per Day
  • Removes over 60% of total Nitrogen

Enviro-Guard is the ultimate in wastewater treatment: a self-contained system that removes, organic material, solids, pathogens, and nitrogen. Enviro-Guard is the only choice for sensitive environments.

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Multi-Flo Wastewater Treatment System
  • Consistent Effluent Quality
  • Quiet, Odor-free Operation
  • Unique, Reliable Internal Filtering System

Multi-Flo is a convenient alternative to a central sewage system or the septic tank and is ideal for the renovation of a failing on-site sewage system. And thanks to its durable, lightweight construction, Multi-Flo can be installed quickly and easily in any location, even those with limiting factors.

But most of all, Multi-Flo offers the highest quality of any wastewater treatment system in its class... it's simply the best.

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Nayadic Wastewater Treatment System
  • No Internal Moving Parts to Maintain or Replace
  • Durable, Lightweight Fiberglass Construction
  • Quiet, Odorfree Operation
  • Better than 95% Removal of Sewage contaminants

NAYADIC is an efficient Wastewater Treatment Plant that has served the needs of residential and commercial customers all around the world. Specifically engineered to provide the highest degree of treatment with only minimum maintenance requirements, NAYADIC is your first choice to handle your wastewater treatment needs.

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