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About Consolidated Treatment Systems

Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. (CTS) located in Franklin, OH, is the manufacturer of Multi-Flo and Nayadic wastewater treatment units. The company also provides materials for drip irrigation systems. Recently, CTS ventured into engineered designs, most notably in the Florida Keys, where nutrient removal is a major issue.

The Multi-Flo Wastewater Treatment System line was designed and introduced in the early 1970’s by Tait Manufacturing. The product line has been in continuous production since. The product line has received certification under ANSI/NSF Standard 40, which means that Multi-Flo units produce an effluent having less than 25 mg/L CBOD and 30 mg/L TSS. In practice, Multi-Flo units often produce effluents having less than 5 mg/L CBOD and TSS. And while not measured by NSF, fecal coliform is as low as 200 cfu/100 mL.

The Nayadic Wastewater Treatment System line was acquired in the early 1990’s. Previously, the line was owned by the Nayadic Sciences, which introduced basic models in the late 1960’s. Since its acquisition, the Nayadic line has been improved. This line also meets ANSI/NSF Standard 40.