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Welcome to Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. engineering support page. As a leading manufacturer of advanced wastewater treatment systems for the residential and commercial market, we offer proven solutions for your most challenging projects. Whether you are designing high flow cluster systems or a residential intermittent use system in an environmentally sensitive area, we have the proven tools to make your project a success.

As one of the industry’s oldest ANSI / NSF certified manufacturers, Consolidated has tens-of-thousands installations worldwide. Furthermore we have a comprehensive research and development program designed to address the most sensitive environmental concerns. We also offer a wide array of associated products such as drip dispersal, UV disinfection, telemetry units and custom controls.

Please feel free to utilize the engineered drawings linked to this page. Should you need additional technical support, help is just a phone call away.


Multi-Flo Documents & Drawings

Multi-Flo Brochure

Multi-Flo Owners Manual

Multi-Flo Assembly / Installation

Multi-Flo Design Manual

Multi-Flo Performance Paper

Multi-Flo 750

Multi-Flo 600

Multi-Flo 500

Multi-Flo 1500

Multi-Flo 1000

Nayadic Documents & Drawings

Nayadic Brochure

Nayadic Owners Manual

Nayadic Design Manual

Nayadic Operation / Maintenance

Nayadic Troubleshooting






SYBR-AER Documents

FT Series SYBR-AER Brochure

CT Series SYBR-AER Brochure

500 series - Sybr-Aer w F2-UV

500 series - Sybr-Aer Rev1

800 series - Sybr-Aer w F2-UV

800 series - Sybr-Aer Rev1

600 series - Sybr-Aer w F2-UV

600 series - Sybr-Aer Rev1

FT 1800 Sybr-Aer Fiberglass 2rib w F2-UV Rev1

FT 1400Sybr-Aer Fiberglass w F2 UV

SYBR-AER FT1400 w_o UV

Sybr-Aer FT 1800 dwg

Sybr-Aer Fiberglass w F2-UV

Sybr-Aer Fiberglass w F2-UV

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